North Korea : We didn't hack Sony and will prove it

North Korea has furiously denied that it had attacked Sony Pictures and claims that it will prove it is not responsible.

North Korea's foreign ministry categorically denied North Korea's involvement in the hack that crippled Sony and forced the company to cancel screenings for 'The Interview'.

The FBI acknowledged that it was North Korea that orchestrated the attack, and it had been similar to one on South Korean banks in the past.

The United States on Friday vowed to respond to the attack and consulted allies including Japan, South Korea and China over the incident.

President Obama spoke in-depth at a press conference yesterday and said that Sony's decision to remove the film at theaters was "a mistake." Shortly after, Sony's CEO fired back in defense of the decision, specifying why Sony had to cancel the film's distribution.

The Interview Trailer

North Korea is now asking the US government to hold a joint investigation into the attack.

If it is proven and accepted that North Korea was responsible it may face increased international sanctions and added isolation from its neighbor China, which is where some analysts suggest the hack originated from.

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