North Korea attack on Sony Pictures goes beyond US borders

The attack by North Korea on Sony Pictures doesn't just affect the U.S. alone, dramatically raising the stakes for businesses in the entertainment industry across the world.

After many days of speculation, FBI officials confirmed today on the record that North Korea was in fact behind the attack.

Obama will speak to the press about the incident at 1.30 ET but the bigger problem is that this hack affected people all around the world directly tied to the studio.

The Sony hack isn't just an attack on America's corporate sector: It spills over with other nations being directly affected as their citizens have had their information stolen as well.

For the film industry, the hack has been a devastating blow to free speech. A film has been taken down costing Sony nearly $100 million. People have been threatened with physical violence and many are outraged that Sony has canceled a film over cyber hacker threats.

However the serious nature of the hack and the scale of the damage is a stark warning to American allies and the creative industries that there are state sponsors willing to cause significant damage.

We await to see what President Obama will announce later today.

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