'No pants on Subway' video more viral than Rihanna hits

The global 'No pants' movement took the web by storm this week with their new video that puts hit artists like Rihanna in a firm 2nd place.

The 'No Pants Subway ride' features thousands of people who collectively took off their pants in major cities around the world to mark the 11th Annual No Pants Subway ride. While the cultural phenomenon may seem bizarre to many, the video has certainly caught the attention of the web, passing 4 million views in just 72 hours. That's more viral than Rihanna videos which don't get more than 1 million views a day at their most viral.

Created by Improveverywhere, the video features a montage of people in their undies (men and women) getting onto metros in New York.

Cultural videos that involve large groups of people tend to go viral very quickly as participants share it with their friends and family (if they dare). This then gets picked up by more people, and hence the video gets a lot of shares. However this particular video is a catchy, in your face, type message, that shows how people can have a good laugh if they get together to do something daring. It deserves a big thumbs up for entertainment value alone and the guys behind it have done a superb job in capturing this

No Pants Subway video

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