Nigel Farage could be imprisoned

UKIP leader Nigel Farage faces a serious backlash after he failed to reveal over £200,000 worth of benefits over a number of years.

Politicians are required by law to declare with the Electoral Commission benefits they receive within 30 days of accepting them.

Farage has been recently on a high after his European election win, and the leader has gained significant exposure (and ridicule) in the UK's biggest papers.

The leader turned political celebrity however may end up paying a heavy price for his apparent lack of transparency on in-kind donations.

Farage appears on a billboard for a website about extramarital affairs

According to The Mirror, Farage could be imprisoned by up to one year if found in breach of these laws. Even if he doesn't face jail time, there could be significant penalties to pay should the Electoral Commission find that serious wrongdoing took place.

The Guardian reports that Nigel Farage claimed over £205,000 from taxpayers for an office he was given access to rent free.

Farage only declared benefits-in-kind he had received over a 10-year period when he was contacted by the Electoral Commission in April.

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