Nicole Scherzinger seduces Conan O'Brien on show

Conan O'Brien took a 'nosedive' during an interview with Nicole Scherzinger as her revealing outfit was just too much for the show host to ignore.

The X Factor judge was notably stunning in a very tight and revealing dress that became the subject of their conversation. O'Brien opened the discussion on the X Factor show but he soon became distracted by Nicole's chest. She then began to notice the host looking down at told him cold:

"Focus, Conan!"

After that, Conan blamed her for being too revealing saying :

"You didn't think I was going to look down there?!"

The conversation then went from a serious look at the X Factor to a comparison between Simon Cowell's 'Moobs' to Nicole's personal assets. Does Conan have a crush on Nicole? This has to be one of the most flirtatious interviews we've seen in a long time.

Conan O'Brien and Nicole Scherzinger interview

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