Nicki Minaj launches assault against The Hollywood Reporter

Row over inaccurate story fuels Minaj rage

Earlier today the Hollywood Reporter suggested that Nicki Minaj insulted her fans via Twitter in response to her pulling out of the V Festival.

Minaj was given advice to rest her vocal chords and had to cancel her appearance at the 2012 V Festival, but soon some 'aggressive tweets' started to circulate on her official page that got the media excited including this tweet, that was mis-quoted:


It became a quick story : 'Minaj insults her fans' but it was not true, and she even defended them in later tweets. The singer is now taking it to the next level by re-tweeting comments about the story from her fans, and showing her displeasure.

Should Twitter based stories be more carefully researched? It is often difficult to interpret Tweets, but most of the time entertainment magazines will provide the 'story', which can give a false impression of the person in question.


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