Nick Stahl and Hollywood: Overcoming drug abuse in the spotlight

No word from Nick Stahl

We’ve seen many public figures take the dark path towards drugs, alcohol abuse and excess. Nick Stahl is one of many who suffers from it and it’s not easy to deal with, especially when the pressures of personal conflicts add to the fire.

The public life of many Hollywood celebrities is far from glamorous. They pay a price for being in the spotlight. They have no privacy and everything is interpreted and re-hashed into fantasy mixed with facts. We’ve seen some epic breakdowns, scandals, jail time, and tragedies, and it’s never ending.

Nick stahl has not resurfaced since he disappeared (according to the latest reports) It’s extremely sad to see people suffer so much when there is help for them. Too many of our favourite icons have fallen from grace because they can’t deal with their situation privately. The media doesn’t help, and often interprets these issues in the wrong way. In the end we can’t judge someone if we don’t know them. Whatever’s happening in Stahl’s life can’t be easy. I just hope he can make a change, like many others, because they deserve a good future.

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