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New Yorkers launch campaign for a Harlem Independent theater

An awesome new project has been launched by a group of passionate artists in New York seeking to provide affordable entertainment in Harlem.

The Harlem Independent theater project is inviting people to support a new, local theater that would allow filmmakers in Harlem to showcase projects as well as provide a space for local artists to exhibit creations.

Launched on the Seed & Spark crowdfunding platform, the creators have so far managed to raise an impressive $11,500 with a range of perks on offers for backers.

Featuring a host of interviews from filmmakers and creators, the concept for the Harlem Independent Theater is very well presented, and it is something that could bring a lot of creativity and inspiration to the local community.

The community driven project hopes to raise at least $30,000 to secure a business loan that will allow the team to get a venue and provide an alternative outlet by mid 2015.

"Eleanor Luken and Mark Blackman are the founders and equal share owners of the HIT. Eleanor is working on a PhD in Environmental Psychology at the Graduate Center CUNY. She brings skills in graphic/spatial design and community based work. Her former career was in Cincinnati designing nature-based playgrounds; she has insight about successful, intergenerational, public places. She has completed several courses at NYC business support Centers and helped the HIT win $7,500 in a NYPL business plan competition."

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