New Star Wars trailer makes men cry worldwide : Best reaction

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Men around the world have been 'crying tears of joy' after seeing the new 'Star Wars : The Force Awakens' trailer, but none have come close to capturing the euphoria as well as this guy:

For the past few hours, grown men have been reduced to tears on social and elsewhere following the epic release of the new trailer. Star Wars fans of all ages have been waiting for this day..never knowing if a new Star Wars movie would ever be made again, but finally they have been given a taste for this new beginning.

We predicted a few months before the Disney, Lucas deal was announced that Star Wars had a future, but bringing it to a new generation would only work if Lucas gave his full blessing to a trusted company. Taking the Star Wars franchise to new heights without Lucas was unforeseeable, but it happened, and Disney now enter unchartered territory and must re-define the franchise for a new era. Expectations are high, but with J.J. Abrams at the helm, and a return of the original cast, this movie looks to be a classic in the making.

Following the release of the new Star Wars 7 teaser, reviews, comments, and even this totally unnecessary parody formed part of the response:

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With over a year to go before people get to see the new Star Wars film, it's safe to say, for the hardcore fans out there, that this teaser, although short, has struck a chord. Will the first full-length trailer deliver on this hype?

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