New Miley Cyrus hot music video under fire

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LOS ANGELES, USA - The new 'Who Owns My Heart?' music video by Miley Cyrus has been met with a Storm of controversy, and has been condemned by the President of the Parents Television Council.

Cyrus new video takes the young artist to new heights of sexuality . The video has been particularly criticized because of the potential negative influence it has on young teenage girls. In the video, Cyrus appears on a bed blindfolded before heading out to a club to dance with older men barely dressed. The provocative nature of the video has raised questions over whether teenage stars significantly influence younger audiences, and if sexually provocative videos are too risky.

Recently Miley Cyrus was listed as one of the most influential singers of her generation, as her online reached had grown to over 700 million viewers worldwide, nearing the total of Lady Gaga's monster online presence.

Despite the controversy, many feel that Cyrus is trying hard to shift her Disney image as she will be turning 18 this November. The Hanna Montana star in her latest videos has attempted to steer clear of the young innocent girl image with more provocative outings and lighter clothing. The teen is certainly trying to show her fans that she is grown up but at the same time many feel that this is not the case despite the image change. Is this young singer trying to change her image too fast for her fans?

'Who Owns My Heart?' is Miley's hottest video to date, and like many other artists, is using the power of the web to create a new visual representation of herself.

Miley Cyrus Who Owns My Heart


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