New era? NBC withheld Jonathan Rhys Meyers' $100,000 salary

Large part of $100,000 salary withheld

Jonathan Rhys Meyers faced a strict salary agreement during the production of 'Dracula' after NBC wanted to create a reported 'incentive' for him to complete the series.

The star is known to struggle with substance abuse and due to the high stakes nature of the TV series, NBC wanted a substantial part of the salary to be paid out on the successful completion of filming.

With a salary estimated to be $100,000 an episode, NBC had to ensure that the actor would be able to complete filming without incident. Having suffered from substance abuse in the past, along with a brief trip to hospital and visits to rehab, the actor was a high risk casting choice.

According to the Hollywood Reporter this is not the first time NBC have imposed salary arrangements of this nature. Alec Baldwin also faced certain obligations during the filming of '30 Rock' due to public statements about leaving the show.

Back in 2011, the highly infamous meltdown of Charlie Sheen forced producers to shelve episodes of 'Two and a Half Men' as news reports intensified around Sheen's drug fuelled personal life.

Will other TV show producers implement new salary restrictions for 'at risk actors'?

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