Negotiating a Distribution Deal

Negotiate film distribution
There are several schools  of thought when it comes to film distribution, whether it's the traditional platform release, or DIY or partial DIY. In all cases, having an understanding of, and an ability to connect with, your core audience is key. In the case of a film distribution deal, it offers a filmmaker the most leverage when negotiating a deal with a distributor.

If you're like most filmmakers, you're not famous, you're not in Sundance or one of the other top 5 festivals, and you don't have major stars in your film. Even if you do, finding a great distribution deal is very tricky and requires a broad overview of the market, legal assistance, and the willingness to stick to your guns.

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It's part of a pitch to take his "master classes" on distribution, and on that count, I can't recommend him because I haven't taken the classes. Up to this point, I've felt my money was better spent elsewhere, but nevertheless, the information he provides is valuable, and definitely worth a read. Good luck, and please comment about your success and I'd be happy to consult with anyone about their projects!

If anyone has great stories to tell about their experiences making movies, I'd love to hear them, for a series of webisodes called Hollywood's all about Perseverance!

Peace, and best wishes in 2010!

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