NBC ratings for 2011 Golden Globes up with Ricky Gervais

With close to 17 million TV viewers tuning in for NBC s Golden Globes coverage, it seems that there is reason to celebrate Ricky Gervais comedy.

Gervais, who at times went far and beyond the call of humour duty, made celebrities and executives alike feel uneasy, however the show has been talked about endlessly since it finished yesterday.

Some highlights include Gervais bashing Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie and slamming Charlie Sheen s drinking problems. However, less than funny was some of the media and celebrity reaction to the event.

NBC has been fighting to improve ratings from the 2007 hit show that saw close to 20 million viewers tune in. Although the last airing of the Golden Globes in 2010 had slightly less viewership than last nights show, the growth in numbers falls far short of 3 million needed to reach the peak.

Another factor behind the shows ratings is the economy, the appeal of the movies at the ceremony, and of course the stars attending. The Tourist seemed to be the most undeserving entries in the Golden Globes show, and some have criticized it as an attempt to draw viewers because of its stars fan base. Also, The Tourist was a flop at the Box office and panned by critics.

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