Natalie Portman Follows Angelina Jolie's Footsteps

Black Swan actress Natalie Portman has decided to turn to writing as she prepares to make a new comedy film with pal Laura Moses.

According to MTV, Portman co-wrote her new movie currently entitled 'Byo', which has a similar concept to the comedy smash hit 'Superbad'. Portman has often delved into comedy outside of her acting career in such shows as Saturday Night Live and featured in skits on 'Funny or Die' and other websites.

Whilst Natalie has not committed to directing the picture so far, it is not impossible to see her in the helm, as others have done the same thing. Portman's qualities in acting and going deep into character have no doubt helped her to create strong onscreen personas. Now, it is getting that vision created that will be interesting.

Comedy outings for Natalie Portman

Natalie took part in an SNL skit that pushed the boundaries of female vulgarity, but with a humurous twist that shows an early mastery in controversial style comedy. Sure it is not the most advanced in nature, but she has a heart for it.

In 2004, Portman also starred in indie hit 'Garden State', a comedy/drama directed by Zach Braff that portrayed a troubled young man returning home after his mother's passing to re-discover his friendly, and dysfunctional old town.

Following in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie

Stars have often turned around to take the roll of sitting behind camera, or writing scripts such as Matt Damon, who co-wrote 'Good Will Hunting' along with co-star Gus Van Sant.

Angelina Jolie took the brave step to write and direct her new Bosnian love tale whilst other Hollywood actors have also delved into directing. George Clooney's 2005 'Good Night and Good Luck' was a political thriller wonderfully composed and executed by Clooney, who has had an upbringing with a journalistic background.

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