Naked pics of Miranda Kerr leaked on the web


Miranda Kerr is the latest celebrity to have her naked photos 'leaked' online.

The Australian model recently completed a black and white photoshoot with Laurent Darmon, a French fashion photographer but didn't expect to see her pics online. Kerr has appeared in numerous high profile commercials for Victoria Secret, Coca Cola and an odd Japanese Iced Tea ad. She is considered one of the world's most beautiful women and is a high profile model in Australia and the U.S

While Miranda Kerr is probably upset that the pictures were made available online, they are taken in good taste. Last year the FBI got involved in an investigation after nude photos of Scarlett Johansson were leaked online. These were taken on her phone rather than with a professional photographer.

The nude pics of Kerr have been taken off the photographer's site. We cannot show you uncensored pictures here but you are welcome to view the pictures on this blog.

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