Musicians shoot music video with a flame thrower Saxophone

Forget 'Wrecking Ball', you need to check out the flaming-ball, because 1. It's real, and 2. how do you get a saxophone to become a flame-thrower and not kill people?

A 60s vintage remix of Ellie Goulding's 'Fire' has been turned into a trio live performance mixed with a flamethrowing saxaphone player who has zero interest in buying a fire alarm. The one-shot take video at first appears to be a standard, simple recording of a live performance with some musicians and singers, but watch the guy in the back, as he sets alight his sax and then blows fireballs out of it.

You will notice in the left of the screen a carefully placed fire extinguisher on the piano which is reassuring given the black smoke coming out of that damn thing, but one might ask how it is safe to create such a live stunt indoors with a room full of people and camera equipment?

The video goes on without incident thankfully, and has so far managed to rake in close to 170k views in the past two days.

Saxophone fire music video

There are many remixes online for popular songs, but how far should we go to make real effects in our short videos? Sometimes, on-set stunts can result in terrible accidents, as we have seen over the years.

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