This music video directed by Max Landis is seriously noteworthy

Ariana Grande's new music video shot by Max Landis has broken the cliché of pop promos to incorporate an apocalyptic narrative.

Shot almost entirely in POV style, the video depicts an impending apocalypse with an intensifying meteor shower while completely excluding dance performances and references to the song.

Ariana Grande gets out of the car in the opening of the song, followed by her boyfriend recording the carnage on his camera as all hell is breaking loose. Viewers are quickly thrust into chaos where civil obedience is crumbling before our eyes and we feel immersed as Grande's boyfriend gets bashed around.

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The video then takes us on a journey and follows Grande as she navigates streets and apartment buildings to escape the disaster. Throughout the video we witness short scenes from firefighters arguing to a crazy white bearded man fighting the camera with ever more graphic performances and higher stakes.

One Last Time - Ariana Grande

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With a blend of humor and cleverly choreographed scenes, 'One Last Time' plays out like a Hollywood disaster movie and gives people an energetic 4-minute short story that's certainly entertaining and far more interesting than a traditional promo.

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