Movie sequels we are likely to see next

Well you heard how Pirates Of The Caribbean 4 did well at the US Box Office, and you surely found out that it broke international Box Office records. So what sequels are we likely to see in the coming years?

Hollywood seems to be churning out more and more sequels than ever before. Should we blame the studios for the revamp, reboots, remakes and re-starts of old movies? Well there is a certain financing issue that makes it harder to start from scratch, especially as you have a fan base for the first film already.

Greenlighting movies nowadays is even more rigorous than before, according to Paramount. But the reality is that filmmaking is a risky business, and with falling DVD sales, making that one big blockbuster, has to work for studios and financiers.

So here is a list of films I think we are likely to see.

Movie sequels to come

Pirates of The Caribbean 5 - Of course, no doubt. It opened with $90 million at the US Box Office alone, it as Johnny Depp, and Jack Sparrow is a Disney character people love.

Expendables 2 - This is already in motion and was decided upon a week into the cinema release of the first movie. Lionsgate wasted no time in getting it prepared

Kung Fu Panda 3 - Yes the 'slightly' over the top Kung Fu panda animated movies are a successful and lucrative franchise. With the second featuring a whole list of cameos including Jean Claude Van Damme, you really feel as if they went all out on it. Definitely a 3rd coming in my view, and I don't need to look at the numbers. It's not even out yet!

Terminator 5 - This is easy. There is a script already, but Arnie is now putting his career on hold. This is financeable and has a huge fan base around the world. However, if Arnie doesn't make an appearance, it could be not so great. T4 with Christian Bale still made money, but it was panned by fans in the end

Fast and Furious 6 - Oh yeah, no doubt. Did you see the ridiculous amount of money this movie made at the US Box office alone? This has another 3 or 4 sequels of juice left. Fans just want to see high octane adrenaline action with huge muscular 'warriors'. A no-brainer franchise for action junkies.

Bad Boys 3 - This is coming, maybe not soon, but Will Smith with the directional qualities of Michael Bay makes this an easy Box Office lure. Miami, girls, cars, action, and comedy, is what audiences love. You might not like it, but it definitely appeals to a broad base of viewers.

Which sequels do you want to see get made? Maybe you are so tired of them, you can''t imagine the dark future of the sequel machine...

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