Movie critic "Robert Pattinson is in dire need of career Counseling"

People Magazine critic loses respect for Pattinson

It's been a brutal week for Pattinson but it only gets more harsh with this pre-emptive strike against his name from People Magazine critic Alynda Wheat.

I came across the article by accident and wanted to highlight it for two reasons. One, because it's just quite brutal and I wasn't expecting to see such a harsh critique of Pattinson's career as a whole. Has he really nosedived since Harry Potter?

Secondly because we've all been there in a movie theatre where a scene just drags on, doesn't capture the moment, and stalls for time to expose characters and dialogue we don't care about.

This incident has unfortunately been repeated in Pattinson's latest outing in 'Cosmopolis' directed by David Cronenberg and according to Wheat the actor:

"hasn't been in a good movie since Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire."

Pattinson on Monday promoted Cosmopolis on The Daily Show, to much hype, but the movie was not the focus of attention; but rather what he would say about Kristen Stewart.

Are you going to give Pattinson a second chance or is his career truly over?

Cosmopolis Trailer

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