The most powerful Hollywood stars use this one skill to succeed

Hollywood stars use it everyday

Really? Just one? Surely Hollywood actors, directors, famous producers and entrepreneurs need more? Well, when it comes down to it, all these winners are doing one thing really well, and it amplifies all these other important actions together to drive their personal success.

The top Hollywood earners over the past year have demonstrated to us this very valuable skill and this one approach, and it's definitely an attitude that you should keep in mind to take things to the next level. So what is it?

  • The art of being pro-active

Sounds simple enough, but it's really harder to do than you realize. Think about these situations:

Pro-active checklist

  • When you get an email, a phone call, a text, or a letter, how quickly do you deal with it?
  • If there's an opportunity that comes your way do you go after it or procrastinate until it's gone?
  • You see a job opening, an audition or there' s a message on Facebook, Twitter that could lead you to your next goal, do you act on it?
  • When you've got a movie that's coming out, and a blogger reaches out to you, do you bother to respond?

Some of these situations can be approached differently, but being pro-active in responding, and acting towards your goal, is what matters. A lot of the top earners in Hollywood and in the film industry as a whole are very pro-active on a day-to-day basis and do what most of us don't..or leave to later. They regularly engage with their fans/clients, go to meetings, perfect their skills, promote their activities, do the fundraisers, and get into shape amongst other things. They get the small things done, behind-the-scenes, and off-camera. That pro-active character trait is really evident in them and if you can get more connected to your goals, you'll soon see a lot more opportunities coming your way, but you have to work at it.

Check out some of these success stories as further proof and look at what people are doing to keep ahead of the game. If you're getting stuck, as long as you proactively seek a way to get ahead, you'll make progress and that's the difference between going somewhere, and going nowhere at all.

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