Morgan Freeman ignites racial debate on CNN

Piers Morgan got the best kind of controversy on his CNN show when Morgan Freeman accused the Tea Party of being racist towards US President Barack Obama.

You don't often hear such comments from the Hollywood actor, but Morgan couldn't keep his anger within and blurted it out live. Morgan Freeman's interpretation of Tea Party politics went as follows in response to questions from Piers Morgan :

"We're going to do whatever we do to get this black man outta here."

These are harsh words from an actor, but do they hold some truth in the way that American politics is being played out at the moment? There has been some early speculation that his comments could affect the box office performance of his latest movie 'Dolphin Tale'. Did it do him any favours or will it bring more attention to a difficult topic in American society?

Piers Morgan and Morgan Freeman : CNN Piers Morgan Tonight

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