Monica Lewinsky wants to help others who suffered "humiliation"

The infamous scandal that nearly destroyed Bill Clinton's Presidency has once again resurfaced thanks to the reappearance of Monica Lewinsky.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Lewinsky reveals why she wanted to go public about the affair after hearing about Tyler Clementi, a Rutgers freshman who was secretly filmed via webcam kissing another man, and then who subsequently killed himself back in 2010.

Lewinsky has kept her silence for many years but wanted to give "purpose to her past" by revealing what she had done following the affair with Bill Clinton and why she turned down a $10 million job offer.

It was one of the biggest entertainment news stories in American history and to this day the affair remains a punch line for many comedians, but the humiliation Lewinsky suffered in the media was unprecedented.

By coming out with this interview critics on Twitter have already started to debate the "real" reason behind her coming out after so long.

Lewinsky isn't the only woman to have suffered in the media spotlight. Most recently, French actress Julie Gayet also had to face international attention over an affair with French President Francois Hollande, who currently only has a 20% approval rating in his home country.

While Bill Clinton eventually managed to finish his second term with America in an economic boom, we may never forget what happened on that day in 1998 when things went all wrong.

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