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A moment of Silence for Sarah Jones this February

Ahead of this year's Oscars ceremony, family and supporters of Sarah Jones are asking film crews to take a moment of silence to remember what happened a year ago.

Sarah Jones' parents released a video statement this week to ask for solidarity from casts, crews, productions and film studios to remember their daughter who was killed on the set of 'Midnight Rider', and to encourage people to reflect on the issues of safety.

"On the anniversary of Sarah's death February 20th let us take a minute to reflect and remember that no shot, no movie or television show is more important than a person's life."

"Thank you for helping to keep sets safe. Never forget. Never again. We are Sarah Jones."

The PSA asks that people post pictures and videos of their moment of silence to the 'We Are Sarah Jones Facebook page'.

You can download this safety app to understand more about on-set procedures which features a host of numbers and access to CSATF safety bulletins.

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