Mitt Romney tops GQ's 'least influential' in 2012 list

mitt-romney-least-influential-2012-GQ-magazineMitt Romney's image went another step down this week as GQ formally awarded him the honor of being the 'Least Influential Person of 2012'.

This top prestigious placement also comes after Donald Trump decided to lay into Romney about his "crazy" position on 'self-deportation'. Although to be fair, GQ does state that the ranks are in "no particular order" however Romney is situated in pole position, which does hint at a suggested first place.

To add to this, Romney was caught pumping his own gas shortly after his loss on November 6th, where he failed to gain any traction with voters except in one state. It was in stark contrast to his image of a successful millionaire who had 'servants' to work for him round the clock.

In recent weeks, some of his campaign donors have also criticized his comments in the post-election talk, and as you can imagine, he's been given additional scrutiny from bloggers, journalists and even supporters.

His swing state ads set the Republican party back $411 million, and failed to convince voters that he was a credible alternative.

Now with this GQ honor, is Romney permanently damaged goods? I wonder if he could get a book deal out of this post-election coverage. More likely a 'leaked first-hand account' of his leadership will perform better.

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