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Miranda Kerr really the sexiest woman alive?


Esquire gives Miranda Kerr top honors

Victoria Secret model Miranda Kerr has been declared by Esquire Magazine as the sexiest woman alive but should she be number 1 when Mila Kunis still lives?

Kerr features topless on Esquire's latest cover but i'm a little confused. Didn't Esquire name Mila Kunis 'The Sexiest Woman Alive' just in the past few weeks? How can there be two sexiest women? Surely this intense competition between two lovely ladies must have an absolute winner.

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So far, I have not seen a joint magazine cover shoot with Miranda Kerr and Mila Kunis, although if someone could get that arranged, I will publish it gladly.

Moving on from that point, this nomination would appear to only involve the UK edition of Esquire. Does that mean that within the United Kingdom (airspace), the sexiest woman alive is Miranda Kerr? Just checking, because I thought this was more of a global announcement. I Would hope that Mila Kunis fans outside of the U.S could still consider her as 'The Sexiest Woman Alive', but this latest ranking has put that equation to the test...

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