Mike Medavoy, Edward McGurn to produce Chilean miners movie

Black Swan producer Mike Medavoy and Vice President of Phoenix Pictures have acquired the rights to the Chilean Miners’ heroic story.

All 33 Chilean miners made it out alive after overcoming impossible odds when their mine collapsed. The miners worked together in order to survive, keeping moral high, and discipline in sweltering heat for 69 days, shifting tones of rocks to clear a path for their escape. The story of their dramatic rescue was broadcast around the world. It defined one of the greatest stories of heroism in modern day history.

One of the characters I can see being pivotal to the success of the movie is Luis Urzua, the shift supervisor. As a leader figure to the other men, he is credited to having kept them alive during the first 17 days before rescue teams even made contact.

The film adaptation will begin shooting later this year according to reports and will be penned by talented screenwriter, Jose Rivera. (The Motorcycle Diaries)

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