Mickey Rourke vs Ned Beatty's bear at MTV Movie Awards

Wondering who will win 'Best Villain' at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards? From Mickey Rourke to Leighton Meester, this year's top 5 villains are all cleverly evil.

MTV's top 5 selection also includes Christoph Waltz in 'The Green Hornet'; Tom Felton in 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' and the 'super evil' bear, voiced by Ned Beatty in 'Toy Story 3'.

Movies are always remembered for their funny characters, memorable scenes and stunning special effects, but it's those nifty bad villains that really catch our attention.

This year, Toy Story 3's Lots-O'-Huggin' Bear faces action star Mickey Rourke in 'Iron Man 2'. Can we really call this a contest? Fluffy bear vs powerful warrior?

Will Leighton's performance as an obsessive and menacing college co-ed frighten or does Tom Fallon's black magic keep you awake at night?

2011 MTV Movie Awards Top villains

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