Michael Madsen appearance in Bieber video boosts fame


Michael Madsen comeback after video

Actor Michael Madsen is making a comeback thanks to his collaboration with Justin Bieber on ‘As long as you love me’.

Featured at the start and at the end of the video, Madsen sets the tone of a dark and mature video, which has become a huge hit online. Madsen plays a sinister and over-protective father who wants his daughter to stay away from Bieber. At the end of the video there are several shots of Madsen punching him and becomes bruised and bloodied.

It's a great intro, and it works well in the concept of the video, which continues to go viral as we speak. The cut-scenes have given a massive exposure to Michael Madsen on the web and now there’s talk that he may be cast in ‘Sin City 2’. One of Madsen’s iconic collaborations was in Michael Jackson’s ‘You Rock My World’, which also starred Chris Tucker and Marlon Brando.

Will Justin Bieber go down the Michael Jackson route and start making short stories with other Hollywood actors?

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