Remembering Michael Jackson : A Tribute

Michael Jackson's passing on June 25th 2009 shocked the world. After his death the entertainment industry came together to bid him a farewell and a documentary was released entitled 'This is It' which revealed his final days.

That fateful day is almost upon us once more, 2 years later and as we look back at the legend who took the music industry by storm, Michael remains close in our minds, and an iconic figure still hugely influential across the world.

From humble beginnings, to the Jackson 5 and his subsequent solo career, the pop icon transformed the meaning of the word celebrity. He achieved mega stardom, to the likes that no-one may ever surpass. The music industry has changed dramatically since his hit single 'Thriller' came out. Today, CD sales are plummeting, and no artist on earth can quite match up to his selling power in the new digital age. As Michael Jackson is remembered for the gift of music he gave to us, we can only wish his family and all those that knew him personally the best for the future.

Michael Jackson wasn't just a pop icon, he was the symbol of a generation of music lovers and will be remembered for many decades to come.

Check out some of Michael Jackson's greatest hits below:

Michael Jackson : Scream with Janet Jackson

Michael Jackson : The Way You Make Me Feel

Michael Jackson : You Rock My World featuring Chris Tucker & Marlon Brando

Michael Jackson Man In The Mirror

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