Michael Jackson : The film director we never knew

Michael Jackson film director ambitions

Michael Jackson was a prolific artist who pushed the boundaries of motion picture storytelling in music videos.

His concepts were whacky, out of the ordinary, and certainly drew attention. From his choice of casting to the way he directed, Jackson loved being in front, and behind the camera.

Although we remember Jackson for his musical career his behind the scenes, off camera desires were also well known, and had room to develop. It is not impossible to have imagined Michael Jackson today taking the cinematic root with his music. Indeed, music video documentaries and even films are still a 'new format'. No one has really captured music video filmmaking to the point where we can go into a cinema and watch a 2-hour music only film. Yes musicals exist, but music video stories do not. They still belong to the web, but don't have a place in the cinema. I hope it can change, because music can open the mind to stories words can't tell. At least on a day like today, 3 years on from the death of Michael Jackson, we can look forward to a future where music video storytelling is on the rise.

Michael Jackson - Remember the Time?

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