Michael Jackson doctor Conrad Murray guilty

Michael Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter after jurors deliberated over testimonies and evidence to reach their final decision.

Conrad Murray faces up to four years in prison if he is to receive the maximum sentence. The guilty verdict was reached after 10 hours of deliberations after the jury agreed unanimously that Murray’s actions had posed an enormous risk to Jackson’s health.

However, despite the guilty verdict it has been reported that Jackson’s personal physician won’t face the full sentence as California’s prison system is overcrowded. Michael Jackson fans around the world have met the news with cheer, but this is only just the beginning of Murray’s woes. Michael Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson is also pursuing a wrongful death suit against Dr Murray.

The death of Michael Jackson was a shock to his family and to millions of fans back in 2009, and news of his doctor’s trial outcome will be felt today around the world . It is unlikely that Dr Murray will keep his medical license or ever practice medicine again after this widely published trial.

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