Michael Douglas inspires celebrities, hosts at Golden Globes

Michael Douglas presented the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama to a packed audience and made light of his recent battle with throat cancer.

The beloved actor, who has faced an uphill struggle to overcome the illness has inspired many cancer sufferers through positive self image, and determination. He received a standing ovation, not just because he is Michael Douglas, but by the fact that he could stand strong at the Golden Globes and stay the course.

Michael Douglas impresses Catherine Zeta Jones

Catherine Zeta Jones looked on proudly at her husband as he announced The Social Network as the Best Motion Picture Drama. Despite having lost the race for Best Actor in Wall Street Money Never Sleeps, the actor won his own victory against Cancer, which was far more important to him and, it seems, the audience.

Michael Douglas at the Golden Globes - "There's got to be an easier way to get a standing ovation,"

"Thank you all very much. I'm really very, very happy to be here tonight," - MTV

Michael Douglas and Kirk Douglas

While Michael Douglas may not be the youngest guest at the Golden Globes, his father Kirk Douglas, is still going strong at the grand age of 94. The acclaimed actor was iconic in the previous generation of Hollywood cinema, playing in films such as Stanley Kubrick's masterpiece Paths Of Glory and Spartacus .

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