MIB 3 vs The Dark Knight Rises in 2012

Fans of the Men In Black and Batman franchises will get a double treat this year as MIB 3 and The Dark Knight Rises go head to head.

Christian Bale will be in his final outing as Batman along with Christopher Nolan directing. There is a lot of anticipation that it could be the last ‘ever’ Batman film we see, but that is highly unlikely. The Batman movies have been incredibly successful and beyond 2012 it will be interesting to see where producers take off from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ in the future. Just like the Star Trek reboot, Batman is never over until they say it is.

As for MIB 3, Will Smith and Tommy Lee jones make a comeback after nearly a decade off screen together. MIB 2 was a huge success but a critical flop. I have to say it was not a fun ride compared to the original, but where they went wrong in the second, may change in the 3rd. The casting for MIB 3 includes Josh Brolin and X factor judge Nicole Scherzinger. Is this a good or a bad thing?

For The Dark Knight Rises, we can only anticipate the coming of supervillain ‘Bane’ will be one of the most memorable bad guys of the year. Let’s see how this ends.

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