MIB 3 tops box office after a 10-year hiatus

It took producers of the Men In Black franchise 10 years to release MIB 3, and the wait to many, was well worth it. Smashing the weekend box office with a $55 million haul, the film starring Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin takes us back to the 1960s where Agent J has to travel back to that time to save his friend from being assassinated by an alien.  

Will Smith has once again proven his box office might with a strong weekend performance that could have been a lot lower as we have seen a string of superhero / Sci-fi movies these past months. It looked like saturation point had been met, and films like 'Battleship' would put audiences off more alien bashing. However, the hunger for sci-fi and action has not died down, and while reviews have been mixed, we have seen more positive than negative feedback on this latest installment of the franchise.

Men In Black 3 Trailer

Have you seen MIB 3? What do you think of the choice of heading back into time for this latest sequel? Does it do justice to the story? Did Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones rekindle that popcorn relationship back in MIB and MIB2?

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