Mexican photographer - José Luis Haces

Mexican photography
MEXICO Photographer José Luis Haces is passionate about culture and captures the essence of life in his travels.

From José Luis,

Photography has been my great passion, along with music and travel, ever since I was very young. I've got my first camera at 18, when my father gave me a Pentax K1000. Soon I realize that photographs can tell stories, can capture feelings, but most importantly, they can make those moments last forever. Once I started to travel (I was born in the southern state of Veracruz, Mexico, but I've lived in California and now Spain is my home) it all made sense. I have visited quite a few countries, in three continents, and I have enjoyed it when I came to realize that cultures may be different, but we re all connected. I think these experiences have changed me, and it s easy to see those changes in my work. Now, for example, whenever I go back to Mexico, I see the richness of the culture, of the people, and I m amazed by all the opportunities I get as a photographer; some scenes are unique.

I don't consider myself a successful photographer. I have exposed some of my work, twice this year, I won 2nd price in a national contest last summer, so I guess I'm on the right track.

I hope you find my gallery interesting and above all, I truly hope my photographs make you feel something.


José Luis Haces H.

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