Meryl Streep as ‘The Iron Lady' hits theaters January

‘The Iron Lady’ takes a look at the life of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and how she overcame extraordinary obstacles to get into power.

Meryl Streep in 'The Iron Lady'

Meryl Streep interprets one of Britain’s most iconic leaders, who not only defied history and became the first female leader in the western world, but she also overcame prejudice and isolation with her determination to get things done. Dubbed as ‘The Iron Lady’, Thatcher had extraordinary charisma and faced many challenges during her time in power including the 1982 war with Argentina and the Miner’s strike which guaranteed till this day that no Conservative government could ever again have power in Scotland.

Despite the turbulent history and the difficulty the UK faced in the late 70s and early 80s, Thatcher is a symbol of defiance in an otherwise male dominated world. She has inspired many of today’s world leaders, and without her success story it is far less likely that other women would be as encouraged to seek power today.

‘The Iron Lady’ stars Jim Broadbennt, Iain Glen, Richard E. Grant and Roger Alum and will be released nationwide (US) 13th January.

The Iron Lady Trailer

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