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Mel Gibson's career officially back on track after epic Cannes intro

Mel Gibson is definitely on a career comeback after he appeared valiantly with the ensemble cast of bad-ass action heroes from 'Expendables 3' in Cannes.

Back in March Alison Weiner spoke out about Mel Gibson and how he had been put into a 'penalty box', asking Hollywood to forgive him and let the actor have another chance at redeeming himself.

Well it looks like the actor is getting his groove back, and on top of that, this week a Los Angeles court vacated him of a domestic violence conviction which had be filed against him by former girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva.

On the film front, Wild Bunch is currently promoting 'Blood Father' to foreign buyers at the Cannes Market which will Star Gibson alongside Erin Moriarty and Peter Craig.

While some may still loathe what Gibson did, the actor has certainly put the focus back on his career, and it looks like he's changed for good.

Expendables 3 trailer

Are you happy about Mel Gibson resurfacing? 'Expendables 3' is set to come out in August.

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