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Mel Gibson struggles with exclusive interview in Cannes

Mel Gibson did only one interview at this year’s Cannes Film Festival with Variety and was noticeably nervous.

The actor has gone through a roller coaster of a tough time because of the anti Mel Gibson sentiment still lingering in the press over his personal life.

Jodie Foster accompanied Mel on the red carpet, and both looked upbeat, receiving a warm reception and cheers from the crowd. Far away from the fiasco back at home, Cannes has given Gibson some breathing room, but it hasn’t been easy.

In a 5 minute interview, Gibson struggles to answer questions with a lot of hesitation in regards to his performance in The Beaver. The actor is clearly distracted, most likely fearing dreaded questions about his personal life. Moreover, since he only sat down with one interviewer, it was a high-pressure situation to round off his short trip with a positive outlook.

Everything Gibson says is scrutinized with opinions formulated, often on fiction, not fact, which is what made this interview that more difficult.

The outcome for his trip in Cannes, was a good one. Mel, along with the cast and crew from ‘The Beaver’ received a loud applause at the end of its official screening. Will ‘The Beaver’ win Cannes? Lars Von Trier surely wont.

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