Mel Gibson rant takes web by storm

LOS ANGELES, USA - A celebrity news website has released a recording of a voice distinctively sounding like Mel Gibson insulting his girlfriend in the most profane manner.

Celebrity news agencies will have a field day as they get the low down of why Mel Gibson, or an apparent impressionist pretending to be Mel Gibson would flip in such a way. Gibson's girlfriend Oksana reportedly made the recording as she feared for her life on several occasions and the couple are in a bitter custody battle.

The recording, which can be heard here is reminiscent of the now infamous Christian Bale tirade, that become an internet hit with remixes and thousands of agencies covering the story. One wonders why celebrity culture is so infectious, but it always seems to touch on families and society as a whole.

In more bad news for Mel, WME (William Morris Endevour) has officially dropped the actor from their roster, although, he will not need representation and is reportedly booked for the next 2 years. The decision to do so was made last week because the context of the tape and racial slurs used were known before it was leaked today.

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