Mel Gibson pleads Guilty, The Beaver to headline SXSW

Mel Gibson s woes were amped up this week when he pleaded guilty to charges of domestic violence. A verdict has not yet been given, but the star is facing an uphill battle reclaim his career that some say can t recover .

With the SXSW festival in Texas opening this week, one film to watch will be The Beaver , directed by Jodie Foster. The film s cinema release was delayed but its world premiere is on March 16th at the large film and music event.

Even though Gibson s personal life is not the greatest news story ever told, The Beaver may show a more personal and vulnerable side of Gibson that audiences never see.

Afterall, the media often portrays the dark side of people, but never the lighter, and more truthful version of them.

The Beaver SXSW trailer


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