Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan top entertainment news of 2010

Bruno Biagioni Neto

Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson controversies were some of the biggest entertainment news stories of 2010. This year has seen some defining moments in the entertainment industry that people have been talking about on twitter, facebook and in the media.  As 2010 draws to a close, we look back at what changed the world of entertainment with our top 10 most talked about news stories.

1. Lindsay Lohan goes to Jail

2010 s biggest entertainment news story was Lindsay Lohan going to jail. She dominated celebrity news sites, blogs and forums for weeks after it was announced she was getting a 90-day prison sentence after violating her probation involving a DUI case. The story became a sensation as she went in and out of rehab with endless gossip surrounding the troubled star, tantrums, breakdowns and her shocking appearance as she looked 15 years older than her actual age.

Lindsay Lohan in the news : MTV , CBSnews , Huffingtonpost , FOXnews

2. Mel Gibson vs Oksana Grigorieva

The leaked rant of Mel Gibson s brutal tirade against girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva was the most shameful of his career and critics bashed Gibson throughout 2010 for it. The Hollywood star s image went from riches to rags, as millions listened to the tape and the issue of domestic violence is a disturbing and very real issue in American culture.

Mel Gibson in the news : Radaronline , FOXnews , Time , NYdailynews

3. MTV Hope for Haiti Telethon

George Clooney called up MTV execs to kickstart a global fundraiser for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. The devastation and plight of the Haitian people touched the lives of billions around the world who watched their country descend into anarchy in the aftermath of the disaster. The MTV telethon raised tens of millions, brought together the biggest names in entertainment and was a tremendous success.

4. The Social Network movie

David Fincher s undertaking of The Social Network was met with huge fanfare before its release and was the most talked about film of 2010. Critics also praised the film, amongst facebook fans and the general public. Mark Zuckerberg was also named Times Person of the Year , which only further supported its popularity in mainstream culture as one of the year s most iconic films.

5. Miley Cyrus smokes a bong

Only recently was Miley Cyrus getting attention from around the world for her now infamous Bong smoking video that was leaked to the press. The teenage star brushed off the incident whilst dad Billy Ray Cyrus was so sad . The story had repercussions for parents who fear her influence has a negative impact on younger people and the story was a hot topic that is still resurfacing.

6. Angelina Jolie gets bashed by Women s rights group in Bosnia

Angelina Jolie s Bosnian love film caused a wave of controversy as a local women s rights group condemned its subject, which reportedly glorified rape during the Bosnian War. Whilst her film permit was revoked, the film was gaining massive hype even before it was to shoot in the country. It was subsequently approved and big names backed her directorial debut which will reportedly feature a cameo with Brad Pitt.

7. Roman Polanski becomes a free man

After being held under house arrest in his Swiss Chalet, Polanski was finally freed after a US extradition request was rejected. The highly acclaimed filmmaker paid several million dollars bail on charges related to that of sexual intercourse with an underage girl in 1977. The case has continued to haunt him ever since and the film director has never set foot in the US after fleeing in 1978.

8. Larry King announces he will quit CNN after 25 years

After 25 years on CNN s primetime show, Larry King announces his retirement as ratings plummet on the show. With British TV host Piers Morgan taking over, it was an epic announcement for TV history, as King has been a defining figure and has interviewed the world s most iconic people including US Presidents, Nobel Prize winners, entertainment icons and more.

9. British government axes UK Film Council

The new UK coalition government announced the Axing of the famous UK Film Council, the country s national film body that gives funds to filmmakers to shoot their movies. The film Industry overwhelmingly condemned the movie from Hollywood heavyweights like Clint Eastwood publicly writing letters to government ministers to a flock of 50,000 petitions from filmmakers to keep it open.

10. Wesley Snipes goes to Jail

Our obsession with celebrity scandal didn t end with Lindsay Lohan. Wesley Snipes finally surrendered after 2 years on bail as he faced a sentence for massive tax evasion. Snipes could not prove his innocence this time and will now serve 3 years behind bars.

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