Mel Gibson likely to face domestic violence charges

The infamous Mel Gibson rant and subsequent domestic violence investigation is coming to a close, with a likely verdict and a possible minimal jail term.

Gibson, who faced a career meltdown in 2010 has struggled to regain momentum in the aftermath of a bitter custody battle. The District Attorney involved in the case is reportedly close to finalizing the verdict with evidence from both sides.

It would seem that Oksana Grigorieva will not face extortion charges, however another source is suggesting that James Bond star Timothy Dalton will get involved in defending her in court.

Despite Mel Gibson s shortcomings on this painful issue, domestic violence is something very real and frightening for women. Whether Mel Gibson intentionally harmed Oksana is unclear, but the actor will likely face the music, in accordance with the law.

On the other hand Mel Gibson s career is not over despite many who wish it was. There are so many cases against celebrities that manipulate the truth to extend the damage but there is a time to forgive. Maybe not yet, but soon.

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