Mel Gibson 'fired', but Liam Neeson gets cut from Hangover 2

Mel Gibson's cameo in Hangover 2 was given a thumbs down, but Liam Neeson did his cameo role and has ended on the cutting room floor.

Liam Neeson played the small role of a Bangkok tattoo artist in the latest Hangover movie, but the scene had to be cut short, and re-cast because the actor wasn't available to shoot it again. This forced directed Todd Phillips to seek another actor to do the small role instead, according to variety. In the end, Nick Cassavetes was cast to play Neeson's role and will feature in the movie, but there was no word on whether Mel Gibson had been approached. The twist of fate proves after the huge speculation over this small cameo, that none of the original actors linked to it, will now be part of the movie.

The Hangover sequel has already a large pre-release following thanks to the hype over which actors will play in it, that could make this movie a big draw at the box office, albeit, without Liam Neeson. Are you looking forward to the Hangover sequel?

Liam Neeson Unknown trailer

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