Megan Fox, Vin Diesel top actors on Facebook

Megan Fox fans will be pleased to know their idol is top of the Facebook charts just ahead of action star Vin Diesel.

Social media plays a more important role in 'measuring fame' according to Forbes than ever before. Both Megan Fox and Vin Diesel are two completely different entities within the film industry, but command a huge following of fans.

How come other actors like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie don't even get close to these two, who both have over 25 million fans on Facebook alone?

Does Facebook really define one's success by the amount of likes in a fan page? When it comes down to it, does Megan Fox, or Vin Diesel have that extra something that other successful figures don't?

One thing they both share in common is that they have both featured in huge action blockbusters. For Megan, the Transformers made her an international star, whereas Vin Diesel recently made a big 'explosion' at the box office with 'Fast Five' alongside pal Dwayne Johnson

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