Megan Fox : Michael Bay "Wants to be like Hitler"

Megan Fox was fired from Transformers 3 because of her comments about Michael Bay, the director has revealed.

Speaking with GQ Magazine, Bay finally told the story behind Megan Fox and her disappearance from the franchise. The actress famously in 2009 spoke out about Michael Bay, comparing him to an on-set Hitler. The comments were scathing and highly embarrassing particularly as she was one of the biggest successes from the movies. It hurt, and cleary execs were not too keen to have another Megan Fox outburst about Michael Bay.

Well inevitably the actress was not asked to come back for the latest outing, and not surprisingly she faces a similar media backlash to the likes of Lars Von Trier, who, during this year's Cannes Film Festival went all out on the Hitler humour, and failed miserably.

Anything to glorify Hitler or Nazism in the media is viewed very negatively, as we can also see from John Galliano's recent fall from glory. The lesson here, is if you don't like someone, bite your tongue and move on, don't air it out.

However, Megan Fox still has a great career ahead of her despite this recent revelation from her 'Nightmare' director, Michael Bay.

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