Matthew McConaughey gets sabotaged by Jim Carrey

The Matthew McConaughey Lincoln MKC ad has been filmed again starring Jim Carrey as a philosophically confused actor who talks to himself in a 3-part parody produced for SNL.

Jim Carrey begins the skit in the driving seat while massaging his thumb with a dazed face at the expense of McConaughey's original performance. Things start to get out of hand when Carrey closes his eyes and gets scolded by children in the backseat who accuse him of driving at 5mph.

To make matters worse, Carrey's character then decides to commit a hit-and-run; then puts on his work tie around his head. What's going on here?

Compare this parody ad to the original version to see how closely the filmmakers have matched the lighting and the editing style:

Lincoln Ad : Matthew McConaughey

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