Mars One releases 'epic' trailer of the final 100 selected astronauts

The final 100 astronauts have been announced in this Hollywood style trailer released by the Mars One project.

50 men and 50 women have been chosen in the lead up to the final selection where only 24 people will be sent on a historic mission to colonize Mars.

Leading up to the final crew announcement, the Mars One project will launch a reality-TV style competition to narrow down the list of astronaut candidates.

According to NBC the mission will start in 2024 if all goes to plan, and will require billions of dollars in investment to launch the Mars colony program.

The chosen crew members will take a one-way trip to the red planet where they will set up Earth's first Mars habitat, but the venture faces a mounting battle to secure enough financing to make it happen.

However, with so much international support and intrigue over the mission, it is quite possible to envisage it going ahead, if the science and technology behind it catches up with the ambition of the Mars One project.

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