Upload Press Release for international media syndication (500+ outlets)


Distribution on

  • Film Industry Network / Community groups with 100k+ members (Twitter, FB, LinkedIn, Google+)
  • Google News
  • Yahoo News and Yahoo Finance
  • Apple News
  • Newswire affiliates and Business Journals / 200+ publications
  • PR Newswire and national media outlets (MSN, FOX, NBC, AOL) / 300+ publications

Get international coverage for your release

Get your press release syndicated to news publishers, niche blogs, journals and the Film Industry Network to reach a wide audience with your announcement.

Include images, video embeds and more with our tailor made options that will share your news story for maximum uptake in newswires and niche media outlets.

Included options:

- 4x images
- 1 video embed
- Unlimited word count
- Analytics report (detailed breakdown) of coverage in PDF format

Please send your release to us at least 24 hours before the date of your announcement to allow time for syndication to be processed. Analytics reports of your coverage will be sent to your inbox within 7-10 days following the publication of your news.

Once you make your order you can send your announcement to releases@finetwork.biz and an advisor will be in contact with you to schedule your press release.


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