Film marketing campaign

Film marketing campaign


Promote film in the news


Get your film talked about and highlighted in the press through Film Industry Network and associated publishers.

5-15 days delivery

Get your indie film talked about in the media

You’ve just completed your film and are now ready to send it to festivals, distributors or preparing for it to be released in cinemas. Our film marketing service enables you to promote your independent film in news publications, reaching audiences in both the U.K. and the U.S. interested in watching indie films. In addition, we’ll promote your film’s trailer through the Film Industry Network, and depending on the service you choose, target distributors looking for films to buy.

You will work one-on-one with our team, who will guide you through the marketing process. If you are planning to attend a film festival with your film, we can schedule your campaign to take place while you are attending the festival. We can promote your screenings in the media, as well as details of your production, who’s involved, your sponsors (if applicable) and more. Once you order, one of our advisors will guide you through this process. Our film campaigns can be targeted to audiences in the U.K. and/or the U.S. at this time. (request free sample)


Short film


Get your short film promoted in 5 film news magazines in both the U.S. and the U.K. including a feature article on Film Industry Network. Reach an additional 5,000 unique visitors with your short film trailer. Campaign report included.

5 days delivery



See your documentary talked about in 10 news publications including a feature article on Film Industry Network. Reach an additional 10,000 unique visitors with your documentary trailer. Target film distributors with your film and get a campaign report.

10 days delivery

Feature film


Get your feature film covered in 15 news publications including 2x feature articles on Film Industry Network. Reach an additional 15,000 unique visitors with your feature film trailer. Target film distributors with your film and get a campaign report.

15 days delivery


What happens when I order?
As soon as your payment is processed, an advisor will contact you to start planning your film campaign.
What do I need to provide?
You will be asked to provide details of your film, any promotional photography (posters, behind-the-scenes stills), synopsis of your film and links to social media and/or your film’s website, and a trailer in .mp4 format. Optionally you can include a press release if you have a particular message about your film you want to include.
Where will my film appear in the news?
Your film will receive a feature on Film Industry Network, with additional articles appearing on other news websites and publications.
How will my trailer be promoted?
Your trailer will be uploaded to Film Industry Network accounts and promoted on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
Who will find out about my film?
Depending on your target audience, we will promote your film to specific demographics. This includes people interested in independent films.
How will you target distributors?
For indie documentaries and features, we will target individual film distributors with your film’s trailer, inviting them to find out more about the film. You will be provided with a breakdown of the distribution companies that saw your film at the end of the campaign. 
Is the news coverage guaranteed?

Yes. For example, a package with 5 news articles will receive 1x article in Film Industry Network, and 4x articles in other news publications. 

Can I choose which news sites I want the articles to appear on?

No. These are pre-selected by our team. 

What news sites would be included in these packages?

We have access to publishers in many industries. As part of our indie film package, we get your film in specialist trade publications, film magazines and influencer blogs. 

What if I want sites like Variety, Yahoo News or Screendaily to cover my film?

At present, we do not offer coverage in these publications with our indie film package. If you would like to make a custom order for top tier publications, you can contact us here to make the request.  

Can I add the news links to my IMDB or Wikipedia?
Yes. This is organic coverage talking about your film therefore you can list it on IMDB, and should it be appropriate for a Wikipedia listing, editors may choose to include it.
Will you notify me when news articles appear?

Yes. You will receive links to live articles as they come out. 

Will news articles be promoted on social media too?

This is up to the discretion of the individual publisher. Film Industry Network articles will be promoted through social media. 

What happens at the end of the order?

You will receive a report highlighting the viewership and demographic breakdown of your trailer, along with a list of publications that covered your film. Please note, we don’t provide a statistical breakdown of external publishers. 

Would my film be suitable for these packages?

You can contact us here and an advisor will be able to answer any questions you may have about this service. 

What is this service not suitable for?

If you are looking for mass-market promotion, this service will not be suitable. Budgets for these campaigns start at $25,000. Please contact us here if you are looking to do a national or international campaign with a vision of reaching 300,000 people or more for a feature film release. 

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