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Promote film festival


Promote film festival in news


Get your film festival highlighted in the news with a high quality article published on Film Industry Network.

2 days delivery

Get your film festival promoted

Promote your film festival in the news with an in-depth feature news article that highlights your upcoming events, submission deadlines, judges, official selection and much more. Reach film industry professionals and students with your message and let them know that you are looking for entries, whether short films, music videos, documentaries or feature length movies.

Your film festival news article will appear on Film Industry Network and will include a call-to-action, a poster or image of your choosing, and a trailer (optional) to show all the opportunities available to people attending your event.

To start, simply choose your desired option on this page with optional add-ons to increase viewership and get your film festival in the media. (request free sample)


Film festival promotion


Get your film festival highlighted in the news with a high quality article published on Film Industry Network.

2 days delivery

Boost viewership Premium


4000 high quality targeted views on your article.

4 days delivery

Boost viewership Standard


2000 high quality targeted views on your article.

2 days delivery


Where will my film festival be promoted?

Your story will appear on the Film Industry Network website and in Google News. It will also be promoted on Facebook and Twitter and syndicated to popular news apps.

What happens when I order?

Once you place your order with us, a publicity advisor will contact you to start working on your article where you will be able to submit details about your film festival to our editors.

What can I include in the article?

You can provide us with any information about your film festival including judges, sponsors, guests, special workshops, screenings, films in selection, prizes on offer, ticket information and a trailer video (optional).

Will I get a report breakdown?

No. This is not included in the film festival promotion standalone order, however you will receive statistical reports when choosing the 'Boost Viewership' options.

What are the views I will get if I order the 'Boost viewership' options?

You will get highly targeted real visitors on your article and will be able to select demographics, city and region. A publicity advisor will work with you to promote your film festival if you choose either viewership option. (no bots)

What if I want to get more views than the options you have?

You can simply re-order the viewership options on this page. Please contact your publicity advisor if you need any guidance.

How long does the article remain online?

It will be permanently indexed in the Film Industry Network news section.

Can I add any links in the article?

Yes, you can add 2 links to an external website.

Will you notify me once my order is complete?

Yes. You will be provided with a link to your article, and feedback on viewership totals if you select the 'Boost viewership' options on top of your short film promotion.

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